Our Services

We offer A free service for anyone who wants to sell their valuables on our Online AuctionTo take advantage of this free service all we would need is for you to send us pictures of your coins that can be uploaded from our website and we would be happy to display them on our online auction.

If you would like us to list your Valuables for you please send us your pictures here: Upload Your Images

If you would like to send your valuables via post and let us take care in preparing your items for a professional display where we do a thorough research on the item as well as take exceptionally high-quality photographs, and in some cases use video for higher quality items, We will do this all FREE of charge.

If you want to send your items via post delivery, please Contact us first. Via E-mail: admin@vards.net or Call Gus on 0208 367 1378 or Mobile: 07946 465273. Our Office address is 483 Green Lanes  London  N13 4BS

Photography & Video


All items that are sold have to be viewed in full detail for its quality and imagery that is why photography and video are of great importance when it comes to displaying your items. For information about this please contact us.


Blogging & Content Marketing For Exposure

We offer a blogging and content marketing service to expose your coin collection to avid readers of numismatic articles. All of our blogging content is sent only to websites where numismatists and coin collectors congregate, this service is part of our consignment service and is free.


We will display your most high-value items on Banners


Advertised in Coin Publications & Numismatic Websites



All items will be Listed on Our Online Auction


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