Already Fake New £1 coins going round

    Two of the new one pounds coins including one given as change to Roy Wright which he believes may be fake (left). See SWNS story SWFAKE; A charity worker suspects he has been given a fake NEW £1 coin - despite claims it is near-impossible to copy. The new 12-sided piece only came into circulation last month with the Royal Mint proudly announcing it was "forgery proof" and the world's most secure coin. But a 48-year-old man, who has asked not wish to be named, is convinced he has already stumbled across a counterfeit version. He says the fake, stamped 2016, came in change from a Co-Op in Addlestone, Surrey and has subtle but significant differences to the real thing.

    The new £1 coins were only brought out a few months ago but there’s already a batch of fakes going around – apparently.

    The 12-sided coin was introduced on March 28 to an announcement that it was near-impossible to copy. But a charity worker is convinced he’s stumbled across a counterfeit version. Roy Wright, 48, says the fake, stamped 2016, came in change from a Co-Op in Addlestone, Surrey and has subtle but significant differences to the real thing.

    He claims it is heavier, the Queen’s head is more to the left, the edge is more rounded, it doesn’t have a hologram and there is no detail on the head of the thistle. The real coin is meant to feature a hologram at the bottom which shows a £ symbol and the number one depending on the light. There is also a secret high-security feature built into the coin designed to protect it from counterfeiting.

    I then compared it against three of the normal pound coins and realised it was completely different. It has a different thickness and is a different colour. Professor manages to destroy ‘indestructible’ £5 note ‘There is clearly space between the engraving lines, it’s a different size, the Queen’s head is to the left, and there is no detail of the head of the thistle – it’s just a blob. ‘The stem of the coin has got no detail on it, there are a lot of things wrong with it.’ Roy added: ‘If I’ve just found one, how many are there in circulation already? It’s quite worrying. It’s supposed to be the impossible coin.’

    The new pounds were introduced amid reports that as many as one in every 30 old pound coins were counterfeit. The 48-year-old is keeping the coin for the time being and has got it securely stowed in zipup pocket in his Nike bag.

    A spokesman for the Royal Mint told ‘The Royal Mint has not had an opportunity to examine the coin, but is confident that this is not counterfeit. We are not aware of any counterfeits entering circulation but welcome the public’s caution. ‘The organisation produces around five billion coins each year, and will be striking 1.5bn new £1 coins in total. As you would expect, we have tight quality controls in place, however variances will always occur in a small number of coins, particularly in the striking process, due to the high volumes and speed of production.’


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