George III Sixpence 1787

George III 1787 Sixpence with Hearts GVF  

Charles II Fourpence 1683

Charles II Fourpence 1683, (S.3384), very fine.


Dated 1758. Old bust, dies ↑↓. Obv: with GEORGIVS.II.DEI.GRATIA. legend. Rev: crowned cruciform shields with date 17-58 at English arms and .M.B.F.ET.H.REX.F.D.B.ET.L.D.S.R.I.A.T.ET.E. legend.  

Queen Victoria Shilling Silver Coin

1887 Great Britain Queen Victoria Shilling Silver Coin, Obverse: Bust of the Queen facing left the small wearing imperial crown, long veil falling behind...

George III Milled Silver Sixpence

1817 George III Milled Silver Sixpence, Obverse Laureate head of King George III facing right; around, GEOR : III D : G : BRITT...

Silver Maundy of King George III

Silver Maundy Four Pence of King George III 1874 Very Fine.

William IV Silver Four Pence / Grout

The 1836 UK fourpence (groat) obverse features the bare head of King William IV facing right, with the surrounding legend 'GULIELMUS IIII D:G: BRITANNIAR:REX F:D:' The reverse shows...


The "Old head" was designed by Sir Thomas Brock, The reverse was designed by Sir Edward Poynter, but engraved by George William de Saulles.  VF Diam:...

Queen Victoria, 1887 Silver Shilling

In 1887, Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee and the Royal Mint was allowed to change her portrait; the first time since 1838. Queen...

George IV Farthing coin 1822

Obverse : Head 1; "GEORGIUS IIII DEI GRATIA". Reverse : Britannia, seated, with shield right, holding trident and spray; date in exergue below; BRITANNIAR REX...